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I kind of wanted to translate at least a post from another member, and I chose this one because it’s funny and, at the same time, I think it tells a lot of how Rena is in regards of the members (both in the serious and…creepy way XD)

I can’t help it. I love Rena-san!♪ (つ ̄^ ̄)う


Rena-san’s Birthday Celebration was
held during today’s 2nd Stage.(^^)

The team I got promoted in
was Matsui Team E and,
right after that moment, I
started to talk with
Rena-san very often,
and I also had her treat
me very affectionately and kindly♪

She’d tell me I was cute
every time we’d meet,

she stayed by my side
the whole time when I wasn’t feeling
well during the zepp event,

she was super kind, always,
no matter how tired she might’ve been,
and despite knowing she was busy and having a hard time,
I couldn’t help but fawn and depend on her all the time…(>_<)

When I was chosen as a
senbatsu member, it was Rena-san
the first informing me about it!

When Team E was disbanded,
Rena-san kindly wrote a letter
to each team member.

…of course the contents are
a secret and only me and Rena-san know about it (laughs)

But it was also written:
"I want for you to join the senbatsu"

Those words supported
and pushed my back
so I feel nothing but gratitude
towards Rena-san.

But on the other hand, lately
I’m shocked by how much
of a DD Rena-san is!! (laughs)

It looks like
recently, her
favorites are
members such as:

Saanan (tln: my beloved kiddo lol), Ryouha and Rion.

Maybe I’m just an old stump for her now…

But then I realized, that…

maybe this means I have to
finally separate from Rena-san…

I recently turned 20
and became one of the adults,
so I can’t keep on doing nothing but fawn on others!♪

Yesterday she told me
that she likes me
when I act like a spoiled child…
So, trusting her words,
I think I’ll keep fawning on her ♪ lol

It looks like there’s no way, for now,
for me to separate from Rena-san…(>_<)

I guess it’ll keep being
impossible until I’ll continue
being jealous of other members!♪

I love Rena-san!(^^)

I was happy to be able
to celebrate with her this year as well!(^^)(^^)

Yuria calling SudaYuri&#8230;SudaYuri makes me so happy ♡

Yuria calling SudaYuri…SudaYuri makes me so happy ♡

aurosujc asked : Hello, there. :) I would like to know what are your thoughts about Matsui Rena graduating this year. From her Birthday Stage it seems she is kind of giving clues about her future in 48Group.

Hey :)
I’m assuming that maybe you’re wondering on the topic because of the the clip showed in the Stage, right? The one mentioning the graduation (from being 22 years old XD) which actually was just a “bad joke” thought by Rena herself X°D

Anyway, during the speech she clearly said she still wants to keep on going with her activities in the groups so, for now…her graduation is not to be considered I believe.

That aside, truth be told, I started having positive feelings (of course also together with the sad ones, because it’s not like it wouldn’t affect me emotionally, after all…^^’) about an eventual graduation ever since last year, because her solo career has concretely started and all, but she still has a lot she wants to achieve as an idol, as an SKE member and, now, also as a Nogizaka member, so….

In any case, for sure she won’t graduate at least until SKE doesn’t manage to get a National tour, so I really don’t think this will all happen before the beginning of 2015 :)

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[Birthday Letter] - Jurina’s Letter for Rena’s Birthday

Please enjoy. It’s a very nice letter :)

"Dear Rena-chan,

Happy Birthday.
And thank you for having written the letter for my birthday.
I’m glad, because this feels as if I’m writing an answer to that.
Right after we joined SKE, it was very common for us to go work together in Tokyo and we shared rooms really often.
At the time I felt just like I just got myself a big sister and, since I have no real siblings, that made me feel so happy that I did things like asking you to sleep together, or talking to you despite the fact that you were already sleeping.
I fawned on you a whole lot.
I’m sorry about that.
However, also because we share the surname “Matsui”, ever since a certain point in time, we started to be compared to each other a lot and I really didn’t know what to do, being still just a kid at the time.
A lot of feelings started to grown inside me and I got to wonder that maybe I couldn’t keep acting like I had done until then; that maybe I had to start perceiving you as a rival.
Both our age and personalities are different.
What we have in common is probably nothing but our surname and height.
I even happened to wonder why people would compare us…
But now I don’t anymore.
If I’m the person I am now, it’s because you’ve been there.
It’s because I’ve got myself a rival called Rena-chan.

So when you’ll go through a hard time, I’ll support you.
When you won’t be able to be present, I’ll work hard for your part as well.
Since we’ve worked together ever since the beginning, there are feelings only I can understand, and there are things only I can do.
And that is true for me as well.
There are things nobody but you can do, things I can entrust to nobody else but you.
I’m really glad I eventually noticed it and that I got to feel this way.
From now on, we might have to keep being good rivals, but as two members of SKE48, I’d like for us to go on supporting each other and grow more and more so that we won’t lose to any other group and that we’ll have everyone think that SKE48 is the best.
Rena-chan, please keep taking care of me!
And, really…Happy Birthday!!!”

Sure that often  happens with Yuria, but this is seriously the kind of pic that is&#8230;so cute it&#8217;s troubling!!!(||  ゚Д゚)

Sure that often  happens with Yuria, but this is seriously the kind of pic that is…so cute it’s troubling!!!(||  ゚Д゚)

Please do take a look at Everything and get lost into her eyes…

Such a perfect duo for me :3

Such a perfect duo for me :3