Matsui Rena’s Google + & Twitter - 19\04\2014

・See? Her image and overall atmosphere is what saves Rena from being easily recognized as a creepy pervert, because she barely restrain at all from saying questionable things lolimageimage
・Referring to Bis.imageimage


Anonymous asked : Can you translate the Hawaii photobook that have SKE48 handwritten dairy?

Errr…Honestly, I can’t say I’m that interested in doing it, but the diaries should be quite short so I might consider it.

It seems you’ve discovered the dangerous cuteness of Yabuki Nako! Tanaka Miku is also super cute. They make up the NakoMiku pair!

Hers is seriously the OMG level of cuteness lol
It was nice to find about her!

[SUBBED] - Yuria’s letter for Yumechi’s birthday


Kizaki Yuria’s Official Blog - 19\04\2014

Good morning.

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!!

I’m sleepy(・∀・)I’m sleepy

But I’m glad the weather’s nice today!

I’m off to the handshake event in Nagoya Dome!(*・ω・*)



Kizaki Yuria’s Ameba Blog - 19\04\2014

The reason behind her not too convincing smiles during today’s event bb!!!!T_T May she rest properly tonight…

Collaboration between tebasaki and mentaiko( ・∀・>)

Good evening.

Thanks for your
comments every time!!

It’s Kizaki Yuria|ω・ ) *glimpse*

I currently have a bit of a cold.

Due to the sneezes, the cough,
the headache and the only
2 hours of sleep I had yesterday,
I couldn’t focus at all
during the handshake event. _| ̄|○

But since today we had a
combinated handshake event with HKT48
in Nagoya Dome, there also were
lots of enjoyable things!

This triple collaboration meal
made of mentaiko, tebasaki and rice
is powerful, isn’t it? *self satisfied*

This image kind of feels way too original! lol

Still…it was very delicious!(*・ω・*)

Oh and we performed the
live all mixed together! It was really fun!!♪

As for the hairstyle…

…I made a matching
one with Sudachan☆

Twins hair (・∀・) Uhuhuh

I had so much fun!♪

Well then, hoping you
may all sleep peacefully…

Good night Peace!

Good morning Peace!


I’m amazed on so many levels.Too many.

I’m amazed on so many levels.
Too many.


Full size here.