How to watch Youku videos limited to Mainland China using Firefox

I’ve always hated that block, and I know others were having problems with it.
Even though it was already easy to avoid it using Chrome, I didn’t know what to do, since I use Firefox.

Anyway, it’s pretty easy.

Go here.
Download and install the Mason Add-on.
Once you’ve done, restart the browser, find Mason in your add-on list and press “option”. (this might vary depending on the Firefox version but anyway, it should be easy to find it.)

Once the option window opens, press ADD and write this:

Description: (you can put whatever you want here)
Include URL:

Then from the function menu select “customize header” and press CONFIG.

Leave “both” as it is, and write:

Header Key: X-Forwarded-For
Header Value:

And…that’s it!
I’ve just done it now and I’m watching the Shuukan AKB episode that was limited to Mainland China XD
Let me know if it works for you too.

EDIT: It looks like using Mason doesn’t work anymore (probably now Youku limits are got more strict D:), so by now the only method to watch Mainland China limited video is to use Unblock Youku for Chrome!

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