Matsui Rena’s Official Blog - 20\06\2013

This was somehow so cute it makes me cry T_T
I kept imagining her when she was a little kid…


(Left ・ω・Right)


It’s Rena(・ω・)

I’m having a hard time today due to the fact that I can’t distinguish left from right.

It’s a problem I have since I was a kid, but it looks like it’s common for people who used to be left-handed and then corrected into right-handed, to end up unable to immediately distinguish left from right.

Like, the chopsticks have to be held with the dominant hand, which I’m told should be the right, but since I have the subconscious memory of holding them with my left hand, I get confused.

I used to be left-handed, until I was 3-4.
Since my brother was left-handed as well, I couldn’t understand I was different from everybody else so I probably first realized it was weird only when I got into pre-school.

However, when I started having full awareness, I had already become right-handed.

It looks like nobody corrected me and I changed it by myself, but sometimes I think it might be that something of that remained in me, on a conscious level.

Though, what surprised me today is that

when I write “left and right” down,

I actually am able to distinguish them! Wow!

Ahhh, I would definitely suck a the raising hands’ game.

Sometimes I get on the stage thinking I have the mic in my left hand and then I get astonished noticing it’s actually in the right one. lol

I wonder if that’s a way to cure this…


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    I’m the only left-handed in the family too. And I have problem all the time(until now) about which way is right, which...
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    Rena-san used to be left-handed.. I am left-handed as well, but my family’s members are right-handed.. I wonder why..
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    The thing that struck me was this phrase: "…it looks like it’s common for people who used to be left-handed and...
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    i have the same problem like her~~~~~~~
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